George O’Connor

George O'Connor

George likes to write. A lot. Through Homeless Comics, he’s co-created the graphic novels Healed, Baby, and Silent Knight. He’s also contributed to anthologies published by Elevator Pitch Press and Comixtribe. On the web, he created the digital series 664-The Neighbor of the Beast, along with over 60 short films. And somehow, he also juggles playing guitar in his metal and punk bands. 

CEX Titles

Charlie’s Spot #3
The best laid plans... land you in jail. It’s Charlie’s dark night of the soul. But a case of divine intervention gives Charlie the motivation to try and get his spot back one last time.
Charlie's Spot 2 thumbnail
Charlie’s Spot #2
In his pursuit to get his busking spot back, Charlie has to travel to a most unusual and alien setting: the suburbs! Will he find the answers he’s looking for, or will it create more questions? Since this is the second of four issues, I bet you can guess which it’ll be!
Charlies Spot 01 thumbnail
Charlie’s Spot #1
It’s a turf war between rival groups for control of the park’s best busking spot. Clowns vs. bears! Jugglers vs. dancers! Improvers vs. hula-hoopers! It’s up to the spot’s former owner, Charlie, to bring peace back to the city. But why is this spot so important to Charlie?