About Us

CEX is driven to support comics creators, retailers, and fans. We believe that comics are more than just a reading experience—they’re a community. They’re enthusiastic and original and they’re authentic. And we are, too.

Our sister company, Comics Experience, has been the industry’s leading comic school for more than a decade—churning out popular creators, both writers and artists, as well as talented editors, publishers, and comics marketers. This publishing company is no different.

The focus of CEX, is on you—the fan, the creator, the retailer. We want to be successful and we need to be in order to bring more great content to market, but our goal is promoting the importance of great storytelling, diverse content, and fostering an engaged and positive community.

Comics Experience Publishing’s staff includes:

Andy Schmidt
President and Publisher

Bon Alimagno
Publishing Director

Paul Allor
Managing Editor

This panel of 6 professionals will review and select projects:

Paul Allor – Writer, Managing Editor
Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos – Writer
Andy Schmidt – Publisher
Christopher Sotomayor – Art Director
Jason White – Marketing, Writer
Bon Alimagno – CEX Publishing Director

We also recognize the support of many volunteers and industry insiders who are willing and happy to spread the good word about the work we’re doing.

Thank you to everyone who supports us in all the ways that you do.