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The debut of Howling Snow and the continuing adventures of Stud highlight a busy August for Comics Experience Publishing!

Comics Experience Publishing unleashes adventure this August with the second issue of Stud and the BloodBlade, and debut of Howling Snow! Get in on the ground floor of the next great creator-owned comics publisher! Each issue has DOUBLE-SIZED CONTENT FOR JUST A DOLLAR MORE. On sale in comics shops August 25, pre-order each RIGHT NOW through Diamond or at

Initial order cut-off at Diamond for these incredible comics is June 24!

Stud and the Blood Blade #2
By Perry Crowe (Writer), Jed Dougherty (Artist), D. Forrest Fox (Colorist), Anthony Rella (Letterer)

Victim of his weapon’s curse, Stud awakens as a prisoner within the BloodBlade – alongside thousands of lost souls who all have a bone to pick with our ginger giant! More monsters than you can shake a stick at, plus so much blastin’ action that you’ll be gaspin’ for aspirin! Includes a variant cover by comic artist and toy designer Emiliano Santalucia that’s so good, you’ll want to preserve its original packaging!

Even more insane preview pages are available here.

How to order:
Cover A (Diamond code JUN211431): Art by Jed Dougherty $4.99
Cover B (Diamond code JUN211432): Art by Emiliano Santalucia $4.99

Howling Snow #1
By David Ramirez (Writer), Ensoul (Artist), Kevin Lintz (Letterer)

Once a formidable swordsman and a master of the mystic arts, Fox roamed the land in human form for one hundred years. Now he is a disenchanted soul, in constant search of pleasure and distraction. But all that changes when Fox encounters a demon wolf, fueled by an intense rage that threatens to shatter Fox’s fragile peace. Can Fox reawaken his slumbering fighting spirit and find balance between the animal, human and supernatural realms? Find out in this beguiling and gorgeous one-shot comic!

Even more beautiful preview pages are available here.

How to order:
Cover A (Diamond code JUN211429): Art by Ensoul $4.99
Cover B (Diamond code JUN211430): Art by Queenie Ng $4.99

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Howling Snow Cover A
Your next adventure awaits: you’re invited to the world of Howling Snow!

This kung-fu fable highlights August releases from Comics Experience Publishing. A village under threat. A reluctant hero wrestling with temptation. A path to enlightenment for all. It comes together this August in Howling Snow #1 from Comics Experience Publishing (CEX)! Written by exciting new voice David Ramirez Ramos with the unique art stylings of Ensoul, Howling Snowsatisfies readers looking for incredible […]

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STUD and the Bloodblade #1 Cover A
Stud and the BloodBlade #1 launches Comics Experience Publishing!

From Perry Crowe and Jed Dougherty comes a loving, shocking, and raucous tribute to the muscle-bound heroes of our youth. “Dude, this is the wildest shit I’ve read in 10 years.” Dave Wilkins, artist Comics Experience Publishing (CEX) proudly debuts with Stud and the BloodBlade #1. Written by Perry Crowe (Heavy Metal, Los Angeles Times, Kirkus Reviews, The Frontiersmen) […]

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CEX logo
Let Creators Create: Introducing Comics Experience Publishing

Comics Experience, a leader in comics education and creator rights, launches a new imprint for creator-owned comics. It all starts with an amazing three-month line-up of all-new releases. Creator-Owned, Creator-Friendly, and Creator-Focused. After more than a decade of championing new creators through online education and a unique publishing program, Comics Experience evolves once more. Comics […]

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