David Ramirez

David Ramirez is a wandering writer, originally from Mexico but has spend most of his “grown-up” life in China and roaming around Asia. He is the creator of the fantasy martial arts role playing game Legends of the Wulin by EOS Press, and Co-founder of the indie gaming studio 5 Emperors. David also works with famous artist Billy Tan helping out with the English localization of his comic series Generations Wu. He likes anime and old Hong Kong movies, loves ancient myths and enjoys good food, booze and company. Currently remains in his homeland with his lovely wife Lily.

CEX Titles

Howling Snow Thumbnail
Howling Snow: A Kung Fu Fable
For one hundred years, Fox roamed the land in human form! Once a formidable swordsman and a master of the mystic arts, now he is a disenchanted soul, in constant search of pleasure and distraction. But all that changes when Fox encounters a demon wolf, fueled by an intense rage that threatens to shatter Fox’s fragile peace. Now Fox must reawaken his slumbering fighting spirit and find balance between the animal, human and supernatural realms, in this beguiling and gorgeous one-shot comic!