Gannon Beck

Gannon Beck self-portrait

In addition to making comics, Gannon has been putting his illustration skills to task making custom logos for military units around the globe for eighteen years and counting. He lives in Virginia with his beautiful wife and two mad-scientist kids.

CEX Titles

Space Corps #3 thumbnail
Space Corps #3
Combat and capture! Another double sized issue continues Sheg’s and Taylor’s grueling journey across a war-torn universe. It’s the end of the series, and it may be the end for (some of) our Space Marines as well, as Cpl. Hive teaches them an important lesson about the obligation our service members have to themselves, to each other, and to every one of us.
Space Corps #2 thumbnail
Space Corps #2
Another double-sized issue that takes us from the start of Boot Camp into the heart of space combat! Sheg and Taylor take their first steps towards becoming Space Marines, as the Corps works to break them down and reshape them, body and mind. After three grueling months, they think they’re ready. Then they find out how wrong they are!
Space Corps 01 cover thumbnail
Space Corps #1
Double-sized first issue for only $4.99! When an alien species attacks Earth, high schooler Deven Taylor is swept up in the machinery of an intergalactic war and finds himself serving alongside strange recruits from across the galaxy! As the Space Corps' newest enlistee, Deven must come to terms with who he is and the price he's willing to pay for survival.